The Birth Story of Westyn

This was the perfect birth I could not have asked for a better birth to end off my year. I got a text first thing when I woke up on the beautiful morning of November 19 that Ambers water had broke and it was go time. I had about a 45 min drive to get to the hospital so I jumped in the shower and grabbed my gear and made my way to them. This was Ambers 4th baby so we expected it to go rather quickly which it did. The sky was blue and light was purely amazing.  Ambers did amazing, with the help of her loving husband and her doula she breezed through the labor spending most the time laboring in the jetted tub. After about three hours she knew it was time to push. She pushed one or two times and little baby Westyn made his grand entrance into the big world. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with them here is there story!





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