The Birth Story of Reese

This is the Birth Story of Reese June who was born on October 9, 2017.  This is another story that goes to show that things such a birth plans do not always go accordingly. Little Reese gave her momma a hard time in getting here, she was nice cozy and to warm in her mammas belly. Jessica’s due date came and went and still little Reese had not arrived. When she finally did go into labor her contractions would not get into a pattern, they were just all over the place eventually coming to a stand still as Jessica reached 8cm . After attempting everything possible Jessica and Jason came to the hard decision with the advise of there medical team that enough was enough and Jessica would go in for a c-section. Jessica and Jason were  prepped and before we knew it they wheeled Jessica on back to go meet her new little one.  I was unable to go back with them due to hospital policy so I set my camera on auto and gave it to Jason. Jason and there anesthesiologist became my eyes capturing some amazing images while I patiently waited with the proud grandparents in the waiting room. Finally we got that news that Reese was here and both her and  Jessica were doing great. Soon enough we were allowed back in the room to meet little Reese who ended up weighting 8lbs. 7 oz. She was super pink and as cute as a button with perfect little lips to die for. Mom and dad were so very proud to introduce Reese June to her grandparents and not it is now my pleasure to introduce you to there birth Story please enjoy.


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