The Birth Story of Oliver

This is a special birth story to me, this is the birth of little Oliver who just happens to be my first nephew by blood. My sister Carrie did an amazing job at bringing her little boy into this world. This was probably one of the hardest labors and deliveries I have yet to witness. Carrie endured over 24 hours of hard natural labor before decided enough was enough and she needed an epidural to help ease her pain .  After her epidural she was able to relax little more finally making it to 10cm and ready to push. After 3 long hours of hard pushing and almost ending up with c-section (due to him looking sideways instead of down making him stuck )  she gave a few more minutes as she pushed with all she had left in her heart and soul.  Then just like that in along with the Dr.’s help Oliver finally arrived taking his very first breath. It was amazing yet so beautiful and emotional to watch my little sister become a mother.  She could not have done it without the loving support of her husband Jarred who was her rock and never left her side convincing her to not give up , and my mother who was her emotional sidekick as mothers usually are and me of course cheering her on as best as i could while trying to document every last detail. I am pleased to present the birth story of Oliver (better get some tissues this one is a tear jerker)!! I love you my sissy poo!!



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