Everlasting Birth Story of Tinsley La Rue Noblitt

This is the beautiful birth story of Tinsley La Rue Noblitt.

Tina and I have been friends for quite a long time we first met while working together at Spencer’s gifts in our local mall when we were just teenagers. When she told me she was expecting her second child I was beyond thrilled for her and I was super excited that she wanted me to document the birth of her little girl. After waiting for months and months and even through a couple of false starts of labor, I finally got the call that she was in a lot of pain and was heading up to the hospital. I arrived at ┬áthe hospital about 11:00pm right after she had received her epidural she was 5cm dilated and feeling pretty good. I loved being there with Tina and Clayton- (who was becoming a daddy for the first time and was beaming with joy the whole time) along with Tina’s mother and her dear cousin Megan. I could just feel the love and support that they all had for each other what an amazing family!! Finally at about 2:30am the doctor came in and broke her water she was now at 8cm dilated. The doctor went to relax for a bit thinking it would be just a bit longer, well about 5 min later Tina said that she felt the need to push. The nurse came in and re-checked her and sure enough she was at a 10 and ready to go. Everyone got into position and at 3.07am on May 1st, 2014 Tinsley La Rue Noblitt made her grand entrance into this big world weighting 7 lbs 5.7oz and 20 inches long. It was a beautiful labor and birth here are the highlights I hope you enjoy!






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