Everlasting Birth Story of Annestasia Michelle Dunn

This is the birth Story of Annestasia Michelle Dunn who was born to her loving parents Jennifer and Kevin on September 28, 2014. I met Jennifer because she won a contest I was having. I was honoring my first anniversary of shooting my first birth so I had decided to give my fans a chance to win a complete birth story of there own. I had my daughter draw a name out of a hat and it was Jennifer who got picked and won. I was very excited to meet Jennifer she was a wonderful mamma to work with, her whole family was very loving and you could feel the support they gave her just by entering the room. Miss Anne was a stubborn little girl she gave her mamma a hard time she did not want to enter this world earth side she was way to cozy in her mammas tummy lol. Finally after a couple of false alarms she had to be induced at 41 weeks. It took her a while to get here but her mamma did an amazing job bringing the little 9lbs 2oz baby girl in to the world. It was a beautiful birth she was surround by family and friends. I am happy I got to meet such a wonderful family. Thank you all so much I hope you enjoy her story!


Everlasting Birth Story of Annestasia Michelle Dunn from Ambience Photography on Vimeo.









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