Everlasting Birth Story of Jase Tyler Lofton

This is the birth story of Jase Tyler Lofton. Lets me start with his parents. Brandy and Brandon are such a loving couple this was there first baby and they both could not be happier. This birth was all about emotion I could feel the love radiating not only from Brandy and Brandon but there whole extended family. Brandy did a wonderful job she was very brave and calm throughout the entire process. Brandon was an amazing partner and right by her side the whole time. Brandy’s mother and grandmother also stayed with her the whole time to give her that support every woman needs. The labor was perfect and beautiful. The weather was also amazing it seemed to go right along with the labor. First it was calm, then it became very very rainy and stormy while Brandy’s contractions became the most intense but as soon as Jase made his grand entrance into this world the clouds parted and the sun began to shine. I was blessed to witness there love so raw and real. Congrats to you both you and thank you!

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