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Birth Story of Lycan

  This is the beautiful story of little Lycan entering the world and taking his first breath. I have known this family for awhile now and

Birth Story of Braxton

This Birth story is special to me this is my cousins daughter and I feel more like an aunt to her then a cousin. She had a long long labor

Birth Story of Sawyer

This sweet little guy is my first birth story of 2018 it was beautiful January day the sun was shining and I was blessed with the perfect

The Birth Story of Westyn

This was the perfect birth I could not have asked for a better birth to end off my year. I got a text first thing when I woke up on the

The Birth Story of Adelyn Rose

This is the birth story of miss Adelyn Rose she is the 4th little one to become part of her family. This story is special to me because it

The Birth Story of Reese

This is the Birth Story of Reese June who was born on October 9, 2017.  This is another story that goes to show that things such a birth

The Birth Story of Oliver

This is a special birth story to me, this is the birth of little Oliver who just happens to be my first nephew by blood. My sister Carrie

Birth story of Leegan Ross

Leegan Ross Monger was born fast and furious on September 7, 2017  to Nina and Logan, According to his birth plan they were set to deliver

Birth Story of Hayden

This is the Birth Story of Hayden born on May 4th 2017 to his parents Irene and  Jonathan Beals and of course little sister Jennalee. This

After Glow Session of Riley

This is the beautiful After Glow session of Riley. These sessions are perfect for the couple that would like to capture there babies first

The Birth Story of Ruby Mae Pruitt

This is the birth story of Ruby May Pruitt born on January 27, 2017 to her wonderful parents Chenea and Tyler. This was the second time I

The Birth Story of Easton

This is the sweet birth story of little Easton born on his due date December 29th, 2017.  Makayla had a very long night of labor to bring

The Birth Story of Maddon Lou Monger

This birth story is special this is the birth story of Maddon Lou Monger, Maddon is a rainbow baby which is a term for a baby that is a

Birth Story of Zoey

This is the birth story of little Zoey born on July 2nd, 2016 to her wonderful and sweet parents Lindsey and Tyson. Lindsey is the sister

Birth Story of Lilith

This is the special birth story of little Lilith which is quite the Christmas miracle. Miracles do happen and I was lucky enough not to

Birth Story of Taytum

This is the birth story of Taytum born on September 14, 2015 at 6:27pm. Lisa is one of the strongest mommas that I have had the honor of

Birth Story of Cashtin

This is the birth story of Cashtin BoClay born to his mamma Shauna and Cody on May 31st, 2015. Little Cashtin took his sweet time coming

Everlasting Birth Story of Elijah James Pruitt

I met Chenea and Tyler just a few short weeks before there due date they are absolutely the perfect couple, fun yet very loving and beyond