This is the Birth Story of Hayden born on May 4th 2017 to his parents Irene and  Jonathan Beals and of course little sister Jennalee. This was there second time allowing me to capture there special day as I perviously documented the Birth of there daughter.  We all met at the hospital at 7:30am on a beautiful may morning  to welcome Hayden into this world. Her labor was a perfect and as good as could be with labor ending in just a few short hours resulting in a tiny little bundle of joy with a head full of blond hair.  His sister was very eager to meet her new little brother she loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him,  she showered him in kisses and soft touches.  I love this little family they are very special and I am honored to watch them grow I can not wait to see what there future will hold.


Birth Story of Hayden from Ambience Photography on Vimeo.



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This is the beautiful After Glow session of Riley. These sessions are perfect for the couple that would like to capture there babies first moments but exclude the actual birth. This beautiful and talented momma is a friend and also and fellow photographer at Courtney Jacobs Photography. I was thrilled that she asked me to capture these moments of her and her cute little family meeting Riley for the first time. Courtney is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She loves her family more then anything (besides photography lol- just kidding) they are her world and I could feel the love engulfing the room. Thank you Courtney for allowing me to capture your family becoming 5!!



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This is the birth story of Ruby May Pruitt born on January 27, 2017 to her wonderful parents Chenea and Tyler. This was the second time I was honored to document a new little life making a grand entrance into there family. Chenea is probably one of the strongest momma I have yet to witness, she takes pain like no one I have ever seen. Her labor was fast and easy as it can be just as the first one was she was smiling and in an amazing mood the entire labor and delivery which was also once again all natural. When I arrived she was at 8cm, a couple hours later she was holding little Ruby in her loving arms.  Here is there story enjoy I know I did.

Birth Story of Ruby from Ambience Photography on Vimeo.





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This is the sweet birth story of little Easton born on his due date December 29th, 2017.  Makayla had a very long night of labor to bring there little one into this world but she did absolutely amazing and stayed strong till the very end. Even though she was exhausted to the max she still followed her birth plan of doing it all natural. She is a strong woman who was supported by her amazing husband Joseph and her loving mother Melody. Easton came into this world with a set of lungs announcing he was here, a healthy little boy ready to take on the world. His big brother Liam came up later to meet his brother to start a bond that will last a lifetime. This was truly a beautiful birth I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.



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This birth story is special this is the birth story of Maddon Lou Monger, Maddon is a rainbow baby which is a term for a baby that is a blessing after the loss of his/her sibling who was born before her, Maddon is the rainbow after the storm hand picked for her family by her sister in heaven. Maddon’s birth was emotional and beautiful she was surrounded by lots of loved ones as she entered the world in her daddy’s hands to take her first breath. She was also a surprise as no one knew if she was a boy or girl. This family is so loving and caring they had waited for so long to welcome a new little one into there lives and I was honored to partake and document such a special day and moment as there family became complete.


Birth Story of Maddon from Ambience Photography on Vimeo.



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