Birth Story of Zoey

This is the birth story of little Zoey born on July 2nd, 2016 to her wonderful and sweet parents Lindsey and Tyson. Lindsey is the sister of a fellow local photographer (who by the way has an amazing talent) here in town. She was going to shoot her sisters birth but unfortunately was not able to attend, so they called me the day before Lindsey was to be induced to see if I could possibly help them out. I was honored that they even asked me and of course I said yes. I met Lindsey and Tyson the next day at the hospital, even though it was my first time meeting them I felt as though I had know them for years.  I was there only for about a hour before little Zoey made her grand entrance into this big world. She was so cute and had quite the set of lungs!! It was an beautiful birth I was lucky to witness and capture it. Here is her story hope you enjoy!






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