Birth Story of Lilith

This is the special birth story of little Lilith which is quite the Christmas miracle. Miracles do happen and I was lucky enough not to just witness it but to also capture it. I met Jessica and Mark through another photographer that was no longer in business she had mentioned that this family was in need of a photographer to document this special time in their life. This was not an ordinary birth they had found out after a routine ultrasound that their little baby girl had only developed the right side of her brain. Everyone told them that they should terminate the pregnancy which would have ended this beautiful babies life. The doctors said that she may not survive or if she did she might pass away during or after birth. Jessica and Mark saw things differently they wanted to give her a chance to live, even if the odds were against them. I decided to volunteer my time to document their story. I wanted them to have something beautiful they could keep for a lifetime. Something so special that even if their little one did not make it they would have it to look back upon and remember the beautiful baby girl they had created that they gave a fighting chance to. No one really knew what the outcome would be they were told many different opinions by different doctors some more optimistic than others, they hoped and prayed for the best but also prepared for the worst. The time came it was Christmas Eve Jessica had just reached 37 weeks into her pregnancy when they were scheduled for a c-section. The morning came and went the c-section kept getting pushed behind due to other circumstances within the hospital. Jessica and Mark had to wait almost all day making the anticipation almost unbearable. Finally at about 3:00pm Jessica was prepped and taken back to the OR. I was lucky enough to get permission to be in the room during the c-section as long as I stayed in my designated area which was very very small. The section was quick and at 3:15pm Lilth came into this world. She was beautiful and tiny and pink! Lilith was whisked away to the NICU she was a mere 3lbs 12oz but she was alive and doing better than anyone had imagined. She needed a little help breathing and an IV but she was stable. The NICU nurses and doctors did a wonderful job making sure she stayed that way. After about a week in the NICU and after some testing they finally got her actually diagnose. She has porencephaly which was caused by having a blood clot during developing, which then caused a stroke leading to the left side of her brain not developing. The doctors said she will most likely not pass the mentality of an infant. Although they were wrong before and I believe they are mistaken again. This little one will move mountains she has already proved them wrong! Lilith was in the NICU for a few weeks just growing and becoming stronger. She was finally discharged and was able to go home with mommy and daddy to meet her big brother William (who was so excited to meet his little sister). She did go home with oxygen and a feeding tube but has since then already was taken off the oxygen. She is doing amazing! Yes she might have issues down the road but she has an amazing mommy and daddy that will hold her hand and help her every step of the way. This story is a Christmas miracle with a happy ending which I will never forget. I am looking forward to watching her grow into a beautiful little girl. Miracles do happen all you have to do is have faith and believe! I am happy to have met Jessica and Mark they are wonderful parents with lots of love to give. I love giving and using my talent for families in need its what I believe I am meant to do. It also teaches me how life is so precious and every day is a gift. This is not just a job it is a passion a remarkable gift.  I am honored to meet everyone who comes into my life. I get to help them keep there memories alive forever that truly makes my heart beat a little bit stronger.


“Everyday i think about how grateful i am to not have terminated my daughter. They asked so often telling me it was the most humane option. Saying they didn’t even think she’d make it through birth. I felt almost bullied. Look at my baby. She’s absolutely perfect. She’s doing amazing. And i couldn’t imagine life without her little self. She is such a blessing i love her to pieces no matter what forever and ever. Mommy loves you Lilith Ramirez.”





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