Birth story of Leegan Ross

Leegan Ross Monger was born fast and furious on September 7, 2017  to Nina and Logan, According to his birth plan they were set to deliver at Blooming Babies Birth Center here in Grand Junction Colorado. Nina labored at home with the support of her family all night long, As soon as she arrived at the birth center they had noted that she had developed a sever case of pre-eclampsia and was immediately transfer to St. Mary’s Hospital for the delivery of her son. Once at the hospital the labor and delivery went very very fast. I rushed to the hospital  making it just in time for the pushing to begin. The midwifes did an outstanding job at getting Leegan here safely and made sure Nina was also taken care of. Nina is beyond strong and pushed like 3 times before Leegan was finally earth side. This goes to show that not all births go according to what the parents plan but with the love an support of midwifes, doctors, nurses, friends and family anything is possible. I am so happy I made it (that was a close call)! I am thankful that everyone was safe and healthy and was honored to document this night! Here is there birth story enjoy!


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