Birth Story of Hayden

This is the Birth Story of Hayden born on May 4th 2017 to his parents Irene and  Jonathan Beals and of course little sister Jennalee. This was there second time allowing me to capture there special day as I perviously documented the Birth of there daughter.  We all met at the hospital at 7:30am on a beautiful may morning  to welcome Hayden into this world. Her labor was a perfect and as good as could be with labor ending in just a few short hours resulting in a tiny little bundle of joy with a head full of blond hair.  His sister was very eager to meet her new little brother she loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him,  she showered him in kisses and soft touches.  I love this little family they are very special and I am honored to watch them grow I can not wait to see what there future will hold.


Birth Story of Hayden from Ambience Photography on Vimeo.



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