Birth Story Images

Birth story sessions

 These are a little more involved, I love to have consults face to face for birth stories, that way we can get a little more personal with each other and become comfortable with one another. At these visits we will go over not only your birth plan but privacy issues such as crowning shots or more personal shots such as breast feeding etc.., how and when when keep in touch when I am on call for you, when I come to hospital, how long I stay, what you get with your package, how long it will take to be finished, price and packaging. Also at this time if you decide to book me I like to collect the deposit so we can put your day in the schedule. Although we go over everything at the consult I am going to give you a brief idea of how it works. Once I am booked with you I am on call for you 24/7 from 36 weeks gestation on. This means even in the middle of night if you need to call me I will be ready. I try to only book one birth a month that way I do not have to worry about more then one person going into labor at the same time. Once you hit 36 weeks I will stay in contact with you about once a week usually after you see your provider just to see how things are progressing. When you think it is finally time I like you to let me know asap I have children that I need to get situated before meeting you at the hospital so the sooner I know the better even if it is a false alarm. Once you are in labor I will stay in close contact with you or a partner. I usually come up to the hospital/place of delivery when you are in active labor so about 5cm dilated. I then stay up until two hours after baby is born documenting every little detail of his/her first moments in this world! I do post Facebook peeks with in the first 24 hours only at your request. Then I will start editing and making your slide show. I am usually done with your story in 2-4weeks time. All my stories come with a slide show set to music. I also make a blog on my website that includes the slide show and a few images this makes its easy and fun to share with family and friends. I do have you approve anything I share before I share it.