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Hello welcome to my website and thank you for taking time to learn a little bit about me. My name is Amy Yokomizo and photography is my passion. I love being in a position to preserve all of your memories and special moments that life has in store. My work consists of maternity, birth stories, newborn session and lifestyle events but my favorite has to be birth stories. There is something about capturing big life moments that get to me. It gives me a rush to know that I am able to partake and to be blessed with catching those feelings that you are going through at that very moment, a moment that you are able to re-visit time and time again! I began my photography journey after I had my first child. I wanted to be able to watch him grow catching it in an image-so I did, and by achieving that it made me realize what joy I felt from photography. From there on my hobby blossomed into a way to actually work part-time from home. I continue to be a stay at home mom I have two beautiful children and an amazing husband. My family is the world to me but next is photography. I am in utter love with almost every aspect of it! I hope that you enjoy my work. If you would like to book a session or consultation you can find my contact information on my contact page. Thank you I hope to be working with you very soon.